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Fitness for Duty Evaluations 

Dr. Meng performs fitness for duty evaluations for many different employers across Northeast Ohio. These evaluations are comprehensive to ensure an informed decision is made. 


When an employer becomes concerned that an employee may be incapable of performing his or her job, one response is a formal evaluation of that employee’s “fitness for duty (FFD)". The evaluation is ordered to determine whether an employee has a psychological or cognitive impairment that makes him or her unable to perform their job effectively and safely.


A fitness for duty evaluation may also be ordered when an employee is exhibiting signs of psychological or emotional stress that manifest in hostile or threatening behaviors, or in other behaviors that lead co-workers, or the employer, to be concerned for their safety.

  • Prior to the evaluation, a formal referral is made by the employer outlining any concerns about the employee's behavior and job performance. A job description will need to be provided.

  • The appointment includes a 1-2 hour long interview with Dr. Meng. Collateral interviews may also be required.

  • In some cases, individuals need to undergo psychological or neuropsychological testing in addition to the interview.  

  • Upon completion of the interview and testing, a formal report is written which integrates the findings from the records, interview(s), and testing, and states the employee's fitness for duty.  Recommendations for treatment and/or accommodations may be provided, if appropriate.

  • The report is then provided only to the referral source or a previously determined custodian.


For additional information or to schedule an evaluation, please call the office at (440) 546-0048.

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